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Test Preparation

KnowledgeQuest has extensive experience with helping students to build their confidence and skills by preparing them for standardized tests, such as HSPT, SAT, ACT, SATII, CHSPE, and APs.
Depending on the student’s needs, we develop an individualized program based on a simulation assessment test that focuses on specific content areas.

Our Test Preparation Program focuses on:

  • Development of vocabulary skills by using knowledge of root words, synonyms / antonyms / homonyms, and familiar foreign language words that help decipher unfamiliar words on the test
  • Improvement of reading comprehension by developing essential higher level reading and critical thinking skills, and understanding the author’s purpose
  • Sharpening of grammar skills 
  • Practicing the writing responses to the most common essay topics on the test
  • Building stronger math skills and improving mental math strategies
  • Teaching reasoning strategies that combat tricky math word problems

Students are also exposed to sample practice tests and are guided through most commonly missed questions and traps on the test. In addition, we teach test-taking strategies to minimize test anxiety, increase confidence through preparation, and maximize overall performance on the test.

Many students report that after completing our Test Preparation Program they have significantly raised their standardized test scores and were able to enter universities and private high schools of their choice.

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