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Over 9,000 students have benefited from KnowledgeQuest programs since 1995.

93% of these students were referred to our center by satisfied parents and teachers.

What is KnowledgeQuest?

KnowledgeQuest is a tutoring center that designs individualized programs for each student to target specific gaps in learning, boost academic achievement, and build confidence in your child's scholarly aptitude.

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Desert Science

Endangered Animals

Secret Lives of Ninjas

Waterless Place Called Gobi

The Voyage

Birds Gone Wild

Sub-Zero Science & Life Inside the Arctic Circle

Polar Explorations

Wicked Witches & How They Came to Be

World War II

The Wonder of Snowflake

Why Does Antarctica Matter?

Wild Vets

True or Boo?

Science of Sleep

Huston, We Have a Problem

Medieval Medicine

Mistakes that Worked 

Rumble in the Jungle

Prehistoric Titans

Action Hero Physics

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Latest News:

We have resumed in-person tutoring at our learning center.

We continue offering online instruction.

Our credentialed teachers can help with phonics, reading, writing, study skills, all levels of math, and homework help.

We administer evaluation tests to 

determine your child's academic strengths and weaknesses.

We are licensed to proctor your tests.

We did it again - 9 years in a row:

KnowledgeQuest was voted 

THE BEST 2020 Tutoring Center 

in San Jose.

Speaking of KnowledgeQuest

“My two kids just finished up a week of at home KnowledgeQuest camp studying ancient civilizations. The instructor (using Zoom) was top notch - super knowledgeable, open to lots of questions, funny and engaging. The box they delivered was FULL of fun activities...I really couldn't believe how much was in there. They did everything from making diadems to learning ancient Chinese board games to building a volcano. They were busy for hours after the zoom call ended. I would give them 10 stars if I could. Coming back for the magic camp this week!”

Erica, mother of a 6th and 4th graders

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6 Steps to Our Success


The student’s skills are evaluated to determine existing academic strengths and weaknesses, as well as each student’s preferred learning style.


Based on the assessment results, an individualized program is designed for each student.


With parental permission, our staff consults with the student’s classroom teacher to align the school curriculum with the KnowledgeQuest program.


The student receives at least 2 hours of instruction per week.


Our teachers are experienced and credentialed, and they use innovative multi-sensory approaches to teaching.


The student’s progress is closely monitored, and appropriate adjustments are made from one instructional session to the next.

Growth in reading, writing, or math:

our students avarage 2.3 grade levels of growth after 48 hours of instructions.

Our promise to your child:

stronger study habits, increased self-confidence, higher grades, and lots of smiles.