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Registration closes 3 days before the beginning of the class. We can not accept any late or last-minute enrolments.

After-school Classes (online or in-person):

Desert Science: Land of the Driest Oasis
Desert Science: Outback!
Desert Science: The Heat of Africa
Desert Science: Waterless Place Called Gobi
Wild Science: Fight or Flight
Wild Science: Endangered Animals
Wild Science: Wild Vets
Wild Science: Birds Gone Wild
Sub-Zero Science: Life Inside the Arctic Circle
Sub-Zero Science: Polar Expolrations
Sub-Zero Science: Why Does Antarctica Matter?
Sub-Zero Science: The Wonder of a Snowflake
Hands-On History: Secret Lives of Ninja Warriors
Hands-On History: The Voyage
Hands-On History: Wicked Witches & How They Became to Be
Hands-On History: World War II
Curiosity Academy: True or Boo?
Curiosity Academy: Huston, We Have a Problem
Curiosity Academy: Mistakes That Worked - Coincidental Inventions
Curiosity Academy: Prehistoric Titans
Weird Science: Science of Sleep
Weird Science: Medieval Medicine
Weird Science: Rumble in the Jungle
Weird Science: Action Hero Physics
Spooky Story Writing Workshop (4 classes) - online only

Payment Options:

Monthly Tuition
24 hours Prepayment
36 hours Prepayment
48 hours Prepayment

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