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Registration closes 5 days before the beginning of the class. We can not accept any late or last-minute enrolments.

Summer Camp 2020 registration

Beyond Board Games
Spies, Detectives, and Mission(Im)Possible
Life-Skills Academy
Space is the Place
School of Wizardry
Passport to History
Where the Wild Things Are

KnowledgeQuest After-School Programs registration

Williams - Med School Science
Williams - Survivor Squad
Williams - Candy Science
Williams - College of Wizardry
WIlliams - Desert Science
WIlliams - Game Room
Simonds - Candy Science
Simonds - College of Wizardry
Simonds - Fairy Tale Science
Simonds - Med School Science
Simonds - Wild Science
Los Alamitos - College of Wizardry
Los Alamitos - Fairy Tale Science
Los Alamitos - Meet Your Mind Science of the Brain
Los Alamitos - Wild Science
Los Alamitos - Candy Science
Graystone - Candy Science
Graystone - College of Wizardry
Graystone - Fairy Tale Science
Graystone - Meet Your Mind
Graystone - Wild Science
Sartorette - Candy Science
Sartorette - College of Wizardry
Sartorette - Fairy Tale Science
Sartorette - Meet Your Mind Science of the Brain
Sartorette - Wild Science
Holy Spirit - Candy Science
Holy Spirit - College of Wizardry
Holy Spirit - Desert Science
Holy Spirit - Fairy Tale Science
Holy Spirit - Med School Science
Holy Spirit - Study Skills Secrets
Willow Glen - College of Wizardry
Willow Glen - Meet Your Mind - Science of the Brain
Willow Glen - Candy Science
In the event of a medical emergency I authorize Knowledge Quest staff to administer First Aid, CPR, and/or to transport my child to the nearest hospital.

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