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KnowledgeQuest is a tutoring center that specializes in remediation and enrichment for students in grades K-12. Founded in 1995 by Jasna Knowles, the center has served thousands of Bay Area students on their way to academic success.

Ms. Knowles holds a BS in Computer Science and a Masters of Education. She also supplemented her expertise with training in special education, learning disabilities, and how to advocate for children during IEP/504 meetings.

Ms. Knowles started her career as an algebra classroom teacher in both public and private schools. In that role, she became aware of the difficulty to be able to reach a struggling student in large classroom environments. This inspired her to get more engaged with students on an individual level at Britannica and Sylvan Learning Centers. Ms. Knowles enjoyed this challenge, but found existing programs too pre-designed and rigid, like educational cookie-cutters.

Therefore, Ms. Knowles founded KnowledgeQuest, where the programs are designed to fit the individual student, rather than forcing the child into a standard existing program. This unique approach also allows KnowledgeQuest teachers to incorporate learning materials and teaching methods from Europe. The hands-on materials from overseas give students something new and exciting to work with, which quite often ignites their "academic lights”.

Ms. Knowles and her team inspire the joy of learning and believe that ALL children can succeed. They also strongly believe in collaboration. The best results for students are achieved by working in a trilaterally with input from the student's family, the classroom teacher, and KnowledgeQuest at all stages of the tutoring process.

Speaking of KnowledgeQuest

"My mom says I can read the dictionary now that I am so good at reading!"

Kelsey, 4th grade student - 06/07/2016

“Thanks for helping her find confidence."

Lisa, mother of a 3rd grader - 16/06/2016

“We are extremely pleased with the individual assistance that you provide."

Sheri, mother of a 6th grader - 08/03/2016

“My daughter always comes home smiling."

Carol, mother of an 11th grader - 07/09/2016

"I appreciate your guidance in my math journey and your patience with my parents!”

Danae, 11th grade student - 04/10/2016

Measuring Our Success


25 years of helping Bay Area students to succeed in school.


2.3 years of academic growth after just 48 hours of instruction.


9 out of 10 students, who competed our test preparation classes, were admitted to their preferred private high school.


98% of students, who completed our programs, were accepted to the college of their choice.

KnowledgeQuest testimonials

Business Hall of Fame - Best of 2019 San Jose

Business Hall of Fame - Best of 2019 San Jose.

Best of Tutors.com 2019

Best of Tutors.com 2019.

Bay Area Parent Family Favorite

Awarded best tutoring center 5 years in a row.

ThreeBest rated

Voted one of the three best tutoring centers in San Jose.

San Jose - Hall of Fame Winner. Recognized as best learning center 4 years in a row.


5-star rated company.
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