After-School Programs 


Willow Glen Elementary School: classes are offered on Mondays from 3:00pm - 4:00pm

Los Alamitos Elementary School: classes are offered on Tuesdays from 2:15pm - 3:15 pm

Williams Elementary School: classes are offered on Wednesdays from 2:05pm - 3:05pm

Price: $245 per course (5 classes each) 

Grades : 1-6

We follow all the required state and county COVID regulations to offer a safe, healthy, and enjoyable learning experience.

2021-22 Courses:

Into the Outdoors

Get ready to head outside for some scientific fun as we explore the great outdoors. Learn about rocks and minerals as you break open geodes to find crystals and simulate panning for gold. You won’t believe your eyes as you use your school’s blacktop to create life-sized diagrams of the biggest things that ever lived. Learn about your local flora and fauna, and create a butterfly feeder to see who stops by for a sip. Study sun and shade to determine the best kind of protection from UV rays, and create a sprout house to grow your own plants. All this and more as we explore the outdoors.

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Hocus Pocus with a Science Focus 

Magicians never give away their secrets, but this class is an exception. Get insights to the ways in which magicians use science to entertain us with tricks. You will learn card tricks, fast moving sleight of hand, disappearing water, walking through a piece of paper, and other impressive feats. Get ready to hear a lot of “how did you do that” when you wow your friends with your new magical abilities. Just don’t tell them that science is the secret!

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Marvelous Machines

Did you ever wonder how ancient structures such as the great pyramids were built without diggers and power saws? Have you thought about how people were able to move huge boulders that weighed thousands of pounds without using a crane? The answer is simple -- simple machines. Discover the many ways in which the six types of simple machines make life easier, faster, more fun, and even more tasty in this fun-filled engineering class.

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Bird Science

Do you know how to speak to a Mourning Dove? Can you name the one bird that lives in California and nowhere else in the world? Were you aware that California is the place where a huge and special bird came back from the brink of extinction with help from scientists? Learn all about birds of prey, flightless birds, and ways to connect with the feathered friends in your own backyard (even if you don’t have a backyard) in this fun and exciting bird science class.

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Stone Age Science

Would you have been a successful hunter in the stone age? How about your gathering skills? Learn about early humans and the ways in which they survived in a world full of mammoths, saber-toothed cats, and other hazards. Attempt some Stone Age engineering as you make models of weapons and tools from a time very long ago. Try out some cave art and hear the story of a young girl who made one of the most important discoveries in history, and much more.

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