Online Learning during Coronavirus Outbreak

KnowledgeQuest teachers are available to assist students who have their own mandated curriculum in place.

Students, who do not have mandated homework in place, can utilize the following KnowledgeQuest online programs and keep up with their academics:

  • Beginning Reading Program Designed for students in grades 1 and 2. Students will read stories along with the teacher to improve oral reading and fluency. Talk about story elements, and discover the surprising ways how literature relates to real life. Practice letter sounds, phonics, and sight words in fun, interactive ways. Print out worksheets, flash cards, games, and other resources for additional practice between sessions.

  • Math Masters Appropriate for grades 1 to 5. Evaluation testing will determine which math skills will make up the student’s program. Work through skills one at a time – guided practice with the teacher, independent practice during the session, and independent practice on their own between sessions. Completed independent paper work must be scanned and placed into the student’s Drive folder. Work together to solve word problems and strengthen your problem solving strategies. Review math facts with the teacher and on your own to improve your speed and accuracy.

  • Elementary Reading Program A customized reading program for students in grades 3 to 5. Students may complete an online survey to receive a program specially designed for their interests, or select from our online library of classic stories and fascinating articles. Students will read the text with their teacher and then complete a series of fun and challenging comprehension activities. Also learn new vocabulary based on the reading or practice sight words. Optional printable worksheets and online assignments to maintain skills between sessions are included.

  • High School Reading Program This program is appropriate for grades 9 to 12. Work through a grade-level appropriate text directly with a teacher and learn techniques to read novels or other longer texts effectively on your own. Avoid having to re-read chapters to find quotes and metaphors, and learn a system for retaining what you read. Understand complex ideas and words with the direct help of the teacher, and learn ways to break down the story in understandable sections on your own. Practice comprehension questions and response to literature related to your text.

  • Academic Reading Program Appropriate for grades 6 to 8. Students may complete an online survey to receive a program specially designed for their interests, or select from our online library of fascinating articles and grade level-appropriate books. Students will read the text with their teacher, who will model active reading strategies for comprehension and retention. Work through content questions to check for true understanding. Study new vocabulary in context as you go. Discuss the text and practice writing in response to literature. Learn how to take notes for reference to avoid hunting through the text later, and how to understand a text by using context clues or outside resources. Supplementary printable activities are available to keep logic and fine motor skills sharp.

  • Beginning Algebra For students in grades 6 to 9 who wish to build their fundamental Pre-Algebra and Algebra skills. Evaluation testing will determine which specific skills make up each student’s program. Practice important basics to get a solid understanding of Algebra before you move into more advanced courses. Work on one concept at a time with the teacher, and try sample problems together and independently. Complete work on your own between sessions and scan it to review it with the teacher. Clear up any tricky concepts or questions you might have about this complex topic.

  • Writing Program Keep up your skills and become an even better writer with the KnowledgeQuest online writing tutorial. Writing sessions are customized to each student's grade level and interests. The student will learn the steps of the writing process by working on fun assignments guided by the teacher and by practicing independently. Learn how to plan, draft, revise, and proofread paragraphs and essays, and try different genres of writing like descriptive, narrative, and opinion texts. Develop grammar and vocabulary skills, and learn to set mood and tone in your writing. Empower your child with all of these skills and strategies in our fun and interactive writing program.

  • High Level Math Students in Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry, and other high level courses will work 1:1 with the tutor to build and maintain their skills.

  • Educational Assessments of Grade Level Skills Help your child to maintain their fundamental skills during the current major disruptions in their educational routine. Our KnowledgeQuest evaluation testing will measure your child's performance on essential grade-level skills and pinpoint specific strengths and gaps in their learning. Choose one skill evaluation or combine evaluations in several skill areas: reading comprehension and vocabulary, grammar and writing, or all levels of math. You will receive a detailed report and an individualized program outline with educational recommendations. Our tests, which are aligned with California State Standards, will determine the skills that your child has mastered and reveal areas that need improvement in order to make the start of the next school year successful.

How does it work?

1. Use this form or email the following information to

Homework Help
Beginning Reading
Elementary Reading
Academic Reading
High School Reading
Math Masters
Beginning Algebra
High Level Math
SAT Prep
Educational Assessment

2. Our Director of Education will contact you to set up an instructional schedule.

3. Each session is 60 minutes long. Our teachers are credentialed and programs are aligned with the California State Standards.

4. A credit card payment of $49 per hour will be processed after sessions are completed.

Required equipment:

Students must have a Google account and download the Zoom app.

(both Google and Zoom are free and can be used across PC and Apple platforms on a variety of electronic devices)
If students are unable to open their own Google account, KnowledgeQuest will provide a general student account with login information.