KnowledgeQuest Presents Creative Writing

KnowledgeQuest Presents Creative Writing

It is hard to believe, but children will be out of school again for the President's Day / Winter Break. Many parents have work obligations during this time and have asked if we can offer a camp for children to get engaged in something fun as well as educational and productive.

Therefore, KnowledgeQuest will be offering a Creative Writing Camp for elementary and middle school children from February 19-23. 

Becoming a good writer requires commitment and confidence. But first your children need to figure out how to turn their creative thoughts into ideas, and ideas into written works. This is exactly what the writing camp will teach them. Using thought-provoking prompts, writing tips, and editing skills from the masters of the craft, your children will learn how elevate their writing competence.

If you are interested in enrolling your child, please fill out the registration form and email it to as soon as possible. The space in this exciting writing camp is limited.

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