Summer Camps 2021

Summer Camps Grades 1-7

Monday - Friday, 9 AM - 3 PM
$475 per camp

Early Bird Special: Enroll by April 5 & receive a 10% discount 

In-person camps. We follow all the required state and county Covid regulations to offer a safe, healthy, and enjoyable summer camp experience.

Week 1-3: Humans, Cities & Bugs

Ice Age
June 7-11 (Grades 1-7)

You are a member of a group of nomadic hunter-gatherers living in the Ice Age about 15,000 years ago. Finding food and shelter in the glacial age is not easy. You must be ready to trek for many miles in search of prey, so wrap up warmly. In this fun-filled adventure camp you will learn about early humans, how they evolved and survived, and how you would measure up as one of them (literally – they were not very big). Summon your inner Neanderthal and try some hunting and gathering games. Dress up in your prehistoric best as you create an outfit like “Otzi the Iceman” wore. Make your mark as you learn cave painting techniques, and go 3D with your own mini cave diorama. While you are at it, craft a toy hominid and a toolbox of prehistoric tools you can use to survive. Mammoths are extinct, but can modern science resurrect them from their frozen graves?

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City Science & Urban Adventures
June 14-18 (Grades 1-7)

Millions of people live in cities around the world, but have you ever wondered how cities work? Residents need clean water to drink, a safe place to live, and a way to get around the city. How do waste management and recycling systems work? When it rains, where does the extra water go? Do pigeons, squirrels, ants, and snails affect the city? How do electricity and water come to your home? A city must have a plan for that. And just imagine and calculate how big the cities will be fifty years from now? This camp, filled with hands-on projects, will surely appeal to future civil engineers.

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It’s a Bug’s Life
June 21-25 (Grades 1-7)

Most people despise bugs, insects, spiders, scorpions, leeches, centipedes, ticks, bed-bugs, slugs, dust mites, and worms. Yet, a closer look at them will reveal an amazing world waiting to be discovered. Let’s investigate these fascinating and essential mini beasts together!

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Week 4-6: Jesters, Senses & Myths

Jester Academy
June 28–July 2 (Grades 1-7)

Get ready to be the life of the party. The Jester Academy will help you fine-tune your entertaining skills and teach you some new ones too. You will amuse your audience when you learn to juggle, walk on stilts, and perform magic and card tricks. Craft your own instruments and sing silly songs in your own one-person band. All these tricks and acts may seem easy, but you will learn the scientific concepts behind them. Apply math and problems solving skills to become a jester that can amaze any spectator.

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Symphony of Senses
July 12-16 (Grades 1-7)

Understand science by engaging your senses.

Flashy: You will mix up some spectacular bubble solutions, explore paper chromatography to study the light spectrum, and create eye-catching projects to understand the science behind mystery of light.

Stinky: This one is not for the faint-hearted – form some moldy globs and discover a few other gut-wrenching tricks that illustrate how nature takes care of itself.

Touchy: You will make some ooey-gooey slime, experiment with your own fog, and other sticky projects to understand scientific properties.

Yummy: Sun-baked cookies, anyone? You will build a solar oven, learn about yeast to bake bread, and perform other food-based activities to learn about bio-chemistry.

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Myths, Legends & Historic Rumors
July 19-23 (Grades 1-7)

Dragons, wizards, knights, and heroes. It is time to go back in time and learn about myths and legends of the past. Did fire-breathing dragons really exist? Did Athena actually pass on wisdom? Was Merlin getting into all kinds of magical trouble? Did a 6-year-old boy, named George Washington, really chop down his father’s cherry tree? Was the island of Manhattan actually purchased for $24 worth of beads? Rumor has it that Albert Einstein was really bad in math. Discover the secrets behind the legends and then create your own mythical story to be performed in a short play.

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Week 7-9: Ecology, Art & Study Skills

Greener on the Other Side – Eco Camp
July 26-30 (Grades 1-7)

Save the Earth! Discover ways to go green and how to make better choices for our environment. Create art out of recycled materials and produce recycled paper. Learn about alternative sources of energy. Find out what household items can be used as compost in a garden. Build terrariums from recycled soda bottles, and use old run-down crayons to make new ones.

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Mickey Here, Minnie There, Disney Magic Everywhere
August 2-6 (Grades 1-7)

The title says it all. In this imaginative camp, everyone will have a chance to create cartoon art projects of their dreams. Guided by an art teacher, you will discover different strategies and tricks to draw your favorite Disney characters. On the last day, we will hold an art exhibit, and parents are invited to see the best works you created. So, grab your pencil and paper and let your creativity flow.

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See You Later, Procrastinator - Study Skills Secrets
August 9-13 (Grades 3-7)

Everyone agrees that homework is fun – well, after it is done. So, get organized and efficient before the school year begins. Learn to conquer clutter, manage time, and enjoy the benefits of being organized. Plan to succeed by discovering your learning style and reading rate. Practice memorization skills and develop reading strategies for improving speed, comprehension, and retention. Can chewing gum actually help you concentrate? What exactly is effective listening and how can it benefit you? Understand the causes of stress and develop methods to deal with it. Master note-taking, visualization, and outlining techniques. Steel your nerves by learning how to prepare for, take, and finish tests with confidence. Make the upcoming school year the best ever – with less stress and more success!

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